Technology –

All incoming transactions and outgoing cash-outs in the Bucket environment are committed to the Dispatch protocol, which achieves high transaction throughput with no transaction fees due to its unique DAPoS consensus algorithm.

Because the distribution of profits is a function of our underlying financial performance, the goal is to make the fundamentals that drive that profit available publicly for review by any current or potential token holder.

Our hybrid architecture consists of a back end serviced by Azure Functions, built upon the Dispatch Labs Distributed Ledger, where each transaction is asynchronously recorded and tagged with metadata to allow the public to audit reported revenues. This hybrid solution allows us to provide you with a high quality, responsive, enterprise-grade product that offers the transparency and immutability of  blockchain technology.

Dispatch enables any data-driven application to transition to blockchain easily. Using the Dispatch Network Bucket can ensure smooth interactions between parties on and off-chain. Dispatch handles transactions in the shared ledger, and data or artifacts in the DAN (Dispatch Artifact Network)

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